Rick speaking


I've been working on the Xcode developer tools at Apple since 2005, in both engineering and management roles. I've worked on Xcode's architecture/infrastructure, build system and project configuration model, the Swift Package Manager, and various other tools efforts. I also work on our inclusive recruiting and retention efforts.

I'm a strong believer in mentorship and investing in others' professional growth. I care about building collaborative, self-motivated teams, fostering a balanced work environment, and driving for excellence in our products. We're often hiring, so if you'd like to work with me, please drop me a line.

For more on what I've done at Apple you can see my CV.

Engineering Background

I'm a second-generation programmer and have been writing code since I was a kid. I got my professional start running a web design consultancy as a high schooler in the late '90s; and I earned my Bachelors in CS from WPI in 2004.

Growing up as a programmer gave me a head start, but great engineers come from all walks of life and backgrounds. I believe in creating inclusive developer communities that welcome everyone.