I've spent my post-collegiate career at Apple, starting in 2005. Some of my favorite accomplishments include:

  • I managed the development of tools support for iOS Apps on Apple Silicon Macs (2020)
  • I led a complete, backwards-compatible rewrite of Xcode's complex build system (2018)
  • I'm one of the creators (as a manager and co-designer) of the Swift Package Manager (2015)
  • I was an engineering lead on the first version of Swift Playgrounds in Xcode (2014)
  • I wrote significant parts of the IDE-side support for the first version of Xcode Server (2013)
  • I was an architect and primary engineer on a major rewrite of Xcode, released as Xcode 4 (2011)
  • I was responsible for some key pieces of the first version of the iPhone Developer Tools (2008)
  • I was the primary maintainer of Xcode's core model layer for most of my time as an engineer
  • I've given talks at Apple's annual World-Wide Developer Conference a dozen times
  • I've conducted over 100 on-site interviews, helping to grow Apple's developer tools organization

I have a bachelors degree in computer science from WPI (2004). Prior to Apple, I founded my own web design consultancy while in high school, taught science at a summer school to young kids, interned at Sun Microsystems, built the data management backend for a bioinformatics visualization system at SRI, and implemented a library of high-performance Adobe After Effects video effects filters. I am an Eagle Scout.

I am not seeking job offers for myself, but if you'd like to come work with me in Cupertino, please get in touch.